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Conditions Treated at Newman Physiotherapy, Woodbridge, Suffolk

If you are in pain, have suffered a sports injury or feel you are not recovering quickly enough, then Newman Physiotherapy can help you. Take a look at some of the conditions we regularly treat with excellent success, and if you are still not sure we can help, just call and we can discuss your problem first at no charge.

  • Spinal conditions

    long-standing or recent back/neck pain, sciatica, prolapsed disc, trapped nerve, muscle spasm

  • Sports injuries

    sprains/strains to muscles/ligaments/tendons, cartilage problems, achillies tendonopathy, golfers and tennis elbow

  • Joint problems

    stiffness, swelling and pain in ankles, knees, hips, frozen shoulders, elbows and wrists

  • Rehabilitation

    following joint replacement and spinal surgery, ACL surgery or keyhole surgery to the knee or shoulder and return to work / sport following injury

  • Other conditions

    whiplash and personal injury, repetitive strain and pain associated with arthritis, headaches and postural problems

  • Biomechanical assessment

    flat feet, knock knees, bunions are all clues of biomechanical problems that can directly lead to knee, hip or back pain

Research has shown that prompt physiotherapy assessment and treatment may help the recovery of all of these problems. Even if you have been suffering for years, Physiotherapy can help to change habits, lifestyle and both general and specific muscle/joint fitness that may reduce pain.

A Chartered Physiotherapist have a wide knowledge of the different systems of the body and are therefore able to assess when symptoms are of a more serious cause, and will advise on the best course of action.

At Newman Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on providing effective and prompt treatment, and have good links with other health professionals and facilities around Ipswich/Woodbridge, to ensure the best care for all patients from referral onto massage therapists, podiatrists and pilates instructors following physiotherapy to x-rays and MRI scans at unrivalled costs, and referral to surgeons if required.