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Newman Physio Testimonials

Dave Copland.

Local triathlon club champion and world bog snorkelling champion

"I'm a triathlete, runner and cyclist. Over the years, Mark has treated me for a number of injuries. I particularly value the fact that Mark is himself an athlete. As such, he understands the importance of getting me back training and racing as quickly as possible. On several occasions I expected to be advised to stop training, but after an examination Mark told me I could continue. In each case I went on to make a full recovery following his treatment."

George Pinner.

England under 21 Hockey Goalkeeper

"I have received treatment from Mark over the past few years for many different injuries I have sustained playing hockey and rugby. Mark has always been able to arrange a convenient appointment with me, sometimes at short notice. He has guided me when to rest an injury and exactly what to do to return to full fitness. He has promptly liaised with my England physiotherapist which has ensured a quick recovery for me every time."

Matthew Byrne.


"Newman Physiotherapy have provided an excellent service to me for several years. Playing competitive sport I have had a variety of injuries ranging from minor strains to knee surgery. The professional way in which each problem has been handled has allowed me to return to sport rehabilitated, and in several cases stronger and fitter. Their attention to detail and personalised exercise & rehab programs really made a difference not just to treat the injuries but to help prevent further complications by correcting weaknesses. On the occasions when further diagnosis & investigations have been required I have been speedily refered to an excellent range of specialists locally."

Brian Linke.


"I have had 3 injuries in the last few year to do with hamstrings pulls, achilles tendon and a shoulder problem. In each case the problems were correctly diagnosed and each resolved in just two sessions. A few carefully selected and simple exercises were given to use between the sessions. Very friendly, professional and thoroughly recommended."

Kev Woodberry.


"As an amateur boxer for 15 years, I’ve been fairly lucky avoiding boxing related injuries. However, I recently suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower back from simply twisting awkwardly while cleaning the car. Having had the injury confirmed with MRI scans, my main focus was to reduce the pain and hope for a speedy recovery.

I won’t lie, my first few visits to Newman Physio was quite painful but over the weeks things improved and I felt a genuine sense of progression after each visit.

Not only did physiotherapy help my recovery, but Mark worked with me to increase core stability through relevant exercises to prevent this happening again. I’m now back to full training, while continuing with the exercises and stretches.

Mark’s approach is professional yet friendly. Once the he’d fixed the pain, sessions even became enjoyable thanks to Mark’s sense of humour!!"